About Us

Blue Light Productions was built from the ground up through real life experiences and applications.

Officially launching in 2020, Blue Light has over 50 years of combined creative and production expertise. Our foundation was built on Concert Touring, EDM, Outdoor Music Festivals, Large-Scale Corporate Events, Entertainment Conventions, and so much more.

Craig Lomas

I grew up outside of Great Falls, Montana. Back in 1987, thanks to an older cousin, I had the opportunity to hang and focus lights in one of the two high school auditoriums. And at just 12 years of age, it was like hitting the lottery. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. In the 90’s, my path led me to the University of Montana. And it’s from this point that I made the friendships and connections which brought me to Seattle, and to the collaborative creation of Blue Light Productions.

Frank Beals

At eighteen, I left my hometown of Carlton, Oregon for the army. This eventually brought me to the Seattle area where I reside today. After the army I found employment through a local lighting shop. Everything that I liked about the military: travel, hard work, and strict deadlines, I was now realizing through concerts and events. Working side by side with Craig over the years, and with our mutual passion for lighting, we formed Blue Light Productions to further our creative goals.